Watch Care


Montreville watches are designed to withstand everyday use and has a 3ATM or a 5ATM (depending on the model) water resistance rating. Exposure to high humidity and light rain showers are acceptable. However, you should avoid wearing your Montreville watch whilst showering, swimming, diving or during any other activity where it may be subjected to abnormal water pressures or environments where abnormal heat and moisture are present (hot tubs, saunas,...). This combination may have a negative impact on the seals and gaskets of the timepiece.


The best way to clean your Montreville watch case is by using a lint free cloth with a little bit of warm water (if needed, a mild detergent may be used as well).
In order to clean the lens, you should use a clean chamois cloth.
You should at all times avoid submerging the watch (case) in water.


If your timepiece experiences a sudden change in temperature or pressure, a slight condensation may appear under the crystal of your watch. This mist will disappear by itself and will not affect the functioning of your timepiece. 


Your leather band is made from naturally tanned calf leather which over time will develop an inherent, natural patina that increases with age. Nevertheless, we suggest you limit the exposure of the bracelets to moisture and avoid complete submersion into water which will significantly deteriorate the quality and feel of the strap. If you are interested in purchasing a new strap, contact us at


The power source of your Montreville watch is a Japan made cell (silver oxide SR621SW or equivalent) which has an estimated lifespan of approximately 36 months. All of our watch batteries can be found at most electronic stores, as well as most watch repair or jewelry shops. Any watch repair shop or jeweler should be able to assist you with the battery replacement. We don't suggest replacing the battery yourself, as it requires some special tools and you could damage the watch.

Any other question about your watch or watch care? Don't hesitate to contact us.